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  •  I did not claim you attacked me for that reason. (1+ / 0-)
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    speculated in passing sure, but that's clearly just speculation, not anything like what you wrote about me.

    [This is my second try at a reply. Please read patiently, not defensively. I know you can rise to a higher nature & try to be in my kitten heels for a minute here.]

    Nor have 80% of my posts today been 'about you' although some were substantially, some in passing, quite a few political ones not even slightly. I accept that it probably seemed like 80% emotionally, but no, not really.

    but has this been on my mind? Front & center.

    My sig line is new though, & it recognises that I am very unhappy at your .... attacks on me (I want points here for not including an adjective!!! j/k)

    I would be very happy if you cleaned this up at your end; I am really really sad at losing my feeling of safety here. I have already admitted I've been crying in frustration over this.

    I also want some points for not posting what I just typed 15 minutes ago as my first, very FRANK reply- THAT I will be sending to your email - I will use my real email address (which you could have gotten anytime from Top Comments, Avila, FotC, any number of people) so I am trusting you not to send loopy weird-mail, but decent, respectful replies only to my permanent email.

    I do deserve respect - if you don't understand that, ... well, what can I say.

    Oh, I know what I can say: May enlightenment come to us all.

    Please, undo the damage,
    (a good person despite what you've said)

    email to follow.

    Mean people truly, really suck suck suck. Bye for now, & sorry about what happened to all the fish! (they were Pisces, & working to scale...)

    by Monique Radevu on Wed Aug 16, 2006 at 07:32:44 PM PDT

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