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View Diary: Two-term incumbent repeatedly smears unpaid staffer (me) (185 comments)

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  •  Entrap (20+ / 0-)

    To  be fair, the flier he sent out only says "he tried to get congressional staff to take a phony cash campaign contribution".  However, in a letter on Kline campaign letterhead which was sent to Coleen Rowley's campaign office (and leaked to a Republican blog which I shall not mention here), he said: "It is outrageous that a senior member of your staff used false pretenses and deception to misrepresent himself and try to trap a Congressional employee into committing an illegal act".  (Emphasis mine)

    •  wrt the letter on campaign letterhead: (0+ / 0-)

      Sure, he's guessing at your intent, but are you saying that if the staffer had accepted the donation you wouldn't be in here reporting the violation of the law?

      I don't think it showed the greatest judgment to leave that website up or to try to contribute that $10.  You're kind of in a pickle now.  Hope you weather the storm.

      •  Too cynical (18+ / 0-)

        You say you're a cynic, and now I can see that's true.  Too cynical.

        My interest in politics is about getting things done, not dirty tricks.  Go look at my old blog, John Kline's Record.  It's not a smear site.  I did what I could to analyze his positions.  I joined Coleen's campaign, at least in part, because she also believes government should be about getting things done for people, not undercutting your opponent at every opportunity for political gain.

        I told Kline's congressional aide I wanted to make a donation because the campaign office appeared to be closed, and I needed direction as to how to make the donation.  It never for one second occurred to me that she might accept the contribution illegally.  For that matter, if she had taken the money along with my name, address and employment, I never would have thought there was anything wrong with it.

        But even in your hypothetical "are you saying that if the staffer had accepted the donation you wouldn't be in here reporting the violation of the law?", the answer is a definite no.  Kline has $30,000 of Tom DeLay's money; that's important to discuss.  A $10 campaign contribution?  Get real.

        •  maybe he has never had a $10 contribution (0+ / 0-)

          He understands exactly what to do with $30,000, or donations in $1,000 and $5,000 increments. But $10?

          Honestly, maybe no one has ever walked into Kline's campaign office like that, wanting to know what he stands for (instead of telling Kline what he should do for the tip). Kline must figure there's a catch somewhere.

          'They ain't lookin' for Osama, ask Biggie's mamma' -- Ice Cube

          by QuickSilver on Thu Aug 17, 2006 at 06:28:52 PM PDT

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