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View Diary: Two-term incumbent repeatedly smears unpaid staffer (me) (185 comments)

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  •  Minnesota's Kline, Gutknecht, M. Kennedy, Ramstad (0+ / 0-)

    They can't get Rowley on anything... so Kline's campaign is using a standard red herring tactic to go after an unpaid volunteer staffer... as I would expect the Turd Blossom Swiftboating Slimers to do.  They are so very good with red herring innuendo, minus FACTS, that uneducated sheeple listen to the innuendo and make bad decisions on election day.  It's what they did to Patty Wetterling when she ran against Mark Kennedy a couple of years ago.  For non-Minnesotans: Mark Kennedy is currently running for senator against Amy Klobuchar for Mark Dayton's senate seat.  Kennedy's current ads on in-state TV try to distance him from his bad decisions that have uniformly favored Bu$hCo the vast majority of the time.

    The BIGGER story here, where FACTS can be used against Minnesota 'Puke incumbents that could well lose elections for them, are their MONEY ties to DeLay, Abramoff, Ney, Cunningham, and Halliburton, et al.  FACTS about 'Pukes need to be exploited to win elections!


    John Kline
    Gil Gutknecht
    Mark Kennedy
    Jim Ramstad

    As you can see, Kline, Gutknecht, and Kennedy (of the current Minnesota 'Puke legislators) have the most ties to DeLay, Abramoff, Ney, Cunningham, and Halliburton, among others involved with the Criminal Cabal running this country and the corporations who have written legislation that benefits them and/or their corporations, not the people of this country.  It's about the money.  It's about whether or not they support the de facto dictatorship currently in power.  It's about whether or not they support the war crimes involving the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, the war crimes involving concentration camps at Gitmo, war crimes involving torture of prisoners....

    If Rowley wants to win against Kline, she needs to talk about Kline's money ties to the above people/corporations.  If Klobuchar wants to win against Kennedy, she needs to talk about Kennedy's money ties to the same people/corporations.

    I would like to know if Rowley will sign on to supporting impeachment proceedings in the House (my Dem rep already signed on to it).  I full well realize impeachment proceedings have to start in the House.  Additionally, since she has experience as a prosecuting attorney, I want to know if Klobuchar would help prosecuting any impeachment trial before the Senate....

    Your point, David,  about the red herring issue of Kline going after an unpaid staffer is taken, and I think if you have any legal recourse you should consult an attorney.  Going after an unpaid staffer in a political campaign is a cheap shot (worthy only of a Turd Blossom Swiftboating Slime machine), since Kline's campaign can't go after Rowley's FBI whistleblower status when she did the only correct thing she could do.  It demonstrates she has a conscience.  That gives her a moral imperative that Kline so obviously does not have.

    However, I do think Kline's MONEY ties to the above-named known crooks will do more to defeat Kline this fall, and those money ties need to be stressed above the red herring of Kline going after an unpaid staffer.  One of those "you are what your friends are" tactics that could work well in any campaign ads....  That's the kind of thing that would resonate with me as an observer of a political race that I can't participate in, since I don't live in her district and can't vote for Rowley.

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