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View Diary: MI State Senate 13: Not-A-Push-Poll (?), but pretty telling stuff (UPDATE) (22 comments)

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    I've said this before, and will cut and paste:

    Not every poll that tests negative information about a candidate is a push poll.  Here some of what the American Association of Political Consultants has said:

    "The AAPC and AAPOR both observe that in a true opinion survey, research firms interview only a small random sample of the population to be studied, typically ranging from up to 1,000 interviews for a major statewide study to as few as 300 in a congressional district. With so-called push polls, the objective is to reach a high percentage of voters, usually at the close of the election."

    "The AAPC and CMOR state that interviews conducted by real polling firms generally range in length from at least five minutes for even the shortest of tracking questionnaires to more than 30 minutes for a major benchmark study. So-called push poll interviews are typically designed to last 30 to 60 seconds by AAPC's definition and 20 to 30 seconds by CMOR's."

    From the same article:

    "Push questions" are widely used throughout the research industry, whereas push polling is not. Push questions -- as opposed to so-called "push polling" -- are recognized by all the major associations and leading political consultants as a valid and legitimate research tool for the purposes of testing ad messages and examining the collective viewpoints of electorate subgroups.

    Political analyst Charlie Cook recently observed that "'Push questions' are asked containing attacks on the candidate sponsoring the poll, to test how vulnerable that candidate may be against anticipated attacks from the other party. These are not only legitimate tools of survey research, but any political pollster who did not use them would be doing their clients a real disservice."

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