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View Diary: Uncle Tom Powell Stumps for Massah Bush (101 comments)

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  •  Credit to his race? (3.75)
    F- that!  He owes it to his country to do better.

    He is better than this - and not because he's black but because he is.

    Powell is the most tragic figure of this Amdinistration - and I'll agree with you to this extent - because he was black and chosen compeletely and obviously on the merits.  In that sense, the sting of the BushCo incompetence does have a wider effect than it should - it is Powell's personal failure.

    That said, calling him an Uncle Tom, undeserved in my view, does throw gasoline on the fire.

    •  Armando (2.25)
      you know powells record.he is an uncle Tom and even worse.He used the fact that hes black to his advantage at every point in his life to advance himslf and allowed the republican party to use that fact openly and to their advantage.I think Harry Belaphonte was right with his discription of Powell and calling Powell an uncle Tom is tame.
      •  Oh boy (4.00)
        That is so so unfair.

        Did Powell take advantage of those pressures that gave advantage to Powell because he was black?  Sure.

        Did Powell suffer from discrimination which was equal to if not greater than those advantages?  Yes.

        Look Powell's failure now is striking precisely because we perceived him as being capable and courageous.

        Have we so quickly forgotten his 2000 speech to the GOP convention where he defended affirmative action, excoriated the GOP for its race baiting?  That was a brave speech.

        I think your charge is unfair.

        •  brave? (none)
            No way.Bravery is shown in action not speeches.What risk did he take giving that speech,None.That speech helped the very people who believed nothing in it to gain power.The people listening to that speech in that room were laughing their asses off.They had the perfect stooge on stage and they didn't even have to use black paint.That is Belaphontes point.
      •  yuck (none)

        First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Ghandi

        by madetoorder on Mon Apr 12, 2004 at 05:53:53 PM PDT

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