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  •  Powell-Haiti-Race and more... (none)
    The part of the puzzle that people seem to be missing is that it isn't so much Powell's race as it is that Powell is an Afro-Carribbean, he's from Jamaica, so that he should have a knowledge and a perspective distinctive from that of the rest of the Bushies vis-a-vis a Black, Carribbean nation like Haiti and what the egregious force of US imperialism has done specifically to those countries.  The fact that Carricom is the group Powell is taking issue with over Haiti policy, that it is led by the Jamaican PM, that Jamaica is the nation most responsible for supporting Aristide against the claims that the US forced the guy out because he didn't serve Bush Admin/US policy, that US Carribbean relations are always about race and racial issues at the same time that they are also about colonialism, economic dependence and anti-Castro and even anti-populist politics.  Its a Carribbean nation, one where race and hemispheric racial politics are front and center to the US-Haitian relations, where class structure of ruling elites vs. populist leaders are also shot through with racial politics and Powell himself is a product of the very forces that are right now churning at work in Haiti and now also Jamaica.

    I wouldn't have chosen the language Soj did, but I find her boldness in doing so admirable, given how easily pigeon holed and misunderstood it would be.  But its a whole lot more complicated that the simplistic "to call Colin Powell an "uncle Tom" in this instance is blatant racism."  

    It ain't necessarily so...

    "By focusing fear and hatred on the Tutsi, the organizers hoped to forge solidarity among Hutu." -- Human Rights Watch

    by a gilas girl on Mon Apr 12, 2004 at 05:20:30 PM PDT

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    •  Powell's 'Elite' Background (none)
      Powell himself is a product of the very forces that are right now churning at work in Haiti and now also Jamaica

      Explain what you mean by this.

      Powell's parents may be from Jamaica but he was born in New York, grew up in the Bronx, his family got their first home after winning a bet on the illegal "numbers game," and he attended City College of New York in Harlem.  So please do explain how Powell is a product of the ruling elites of the West Indies.

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