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View Diary: Uncle Tom Powell Stumps for Massah Bush (101 comments)

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  •  If you had read my posts (none)
    You'd note i specifically didnt call all republicans uncle toms or racists. I in fact specifically said Rice was not an uncle tom , but  rather a true believer neocon thug.

    Powell became Powell partly bacause of his race.  He was not chosen to be Secretary of State because he was black.
    Um you have that backwards there kimosabe. Powells military career was based on his abilities, not his race. You may note generals are politicians. His selection for the cabinet was due to his race and reputation.

    "Truth is never unacceptable to principled people."  Give me a break.  That's silly.  People lie all the time. Politicans lie more than anybody.  Even the good ones.  Or great ones.  Like Lincoln. FDR. and a few more recent ones
    I feel for you if you are surrounded by people who consider lying acceptable. I honestly do. Ethics matter.

    To be unreasonable in our descriptions, to label all Republicans as fascists and racists, and to label black Republicans as Uncle Toms, in my view, is not conducive to persuading the persuadable.
    I never did that. I have good friends who are conservatives and libertarians. You may note im pro ALL of the bill of rights which means i tend to be good friends with quite a few people the democratic party has forced out and into the other parties arms. And i dont deal well with racists. As i doubt you do either.

    In my opinion Powell sold out whatever principles he had for an appointment for himself and his family. Powell knows what policies destroy racism. He supervised them in the military.. which was stunningly successful at integration.. which he benefited from.

    Do they coddle racists?  Some more than others.  Powell happens to be one of those who do it less.  Much less
    Evidence? Data to back that up?

    My other Drunken ravings| ABB 2004! Kerry! Edwards! Dean!

    by cdreid on Wed Apr 14, 2004 at 01:00:06 PM PDT

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