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  •  Well i am still here. (2+ / 0-)
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    I stayed throught the hurricane, i left a few days after it was over, there was no electric or  water , nothing open etc...
    but i came back in about a week.
    i live in Kenner, just on the 0outskirts of New Orleans.
    i had bought 2 rental proerties just before it hit.
    1 in New Orleans East,
    1 in the lower 9th ward.
    (2 of the worst hit areas)
    not -so lucky for me, i didnt have time to get insurance on them, i used cash i had saved.
    the rest against the house i live in.

    since it wasnt my primary residence, FEMA wont do a thing for me.
    i am waiting for another program to come through, but dont know how much it will help.

    Well, not here to complain, al least, not just about myself.

    What i find absolutely amazing, is that there are still areas that look like it happened yesterday.

    Where has all the money gone...
    Bechtel, shaw, flour group

    Where has all the money gone...
    FEMA wants more

    I took these photos a few weeks ago from the lower 9th ward

    these are all mine as well...

    These are from the days and weeks after the storm...


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