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  •  Pico didn't misrepresent. (1+ / 0-)
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    The diary is and was meant to be an accounting from a few months back.  It has its place here along with optimistic ones about what some people are able to accomplish.  

    It's sad if Katrina people put each other down.  The rest of us welcome all views and all reports: yours, Pico's and others'.  You all have a lot of grief and anger.  Please don't turn your anger on each other.

    •  'Katrina people,' how disgusting and insulting (1+ / 0-)
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      We're New Orleanians, Louisianians, and AMERICANS!  No wonder we've gotten so little help from the rest of the country, besides private Church groups.  No wonder that people like St. Bernard Parish President Junior Rodriguez have to beg aid from our brothers in France and Canada when Americans feel so free as to thumb their noses at us so blatantly.  Before the storm, we were just a place to come and spend a drunken week engaged in debauchery, pissing on our very doorsteps.  Now we're just a place filled with ignorant people who were stupid enough to build a city in the swamps.  "Katrina people"...  My people have lived here for 250 years, have made a good life for themselves, and have helped contribute to a society whose history, culture, and cuisine are respected and renowned throughout the world.  Who are you, and what have your people done to allow you to look down your nose at us?  "Katrina people"...  I'll never forget that one.    

      •  Sorry, but at least it is (1+ / 0-)
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        better that you direct your anger toward me than toward other people who were and are affected by Katrina.  (And Rita.)  


        •  Apology accepted (1+ / 0-)
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          People affected by the storms is much better, and your rephrasing shows that your "sorry" is real.  However, Pico has yet to respond to me, and my original comment was directed to that subscriber.  You oughtn't feel a need to defend this person.  The day it was announced on CNN that the water was now potable in Eastbank Orleans, I packed up the car and was on the road that very night to come home.  I've been living this since 7 OCT.  When I got home, we often had to drive 25 miles to find food and gas.  The pictures depicted in this post do no service to the people living in St. Bernard or Orleans.  They act as if we're all still wallowing in the muck.  I'm lucky enough that I found my mom a house in the "sliver by the river," as we call it now, several years before the storm, but I spend each work day in some of the most badly flooded neighborhoods.  Even there people have banded together better and more forcefully than any would have imagined last year.

          The time for looking back is passed.  We're a year on, and any honest depiction of life here in SE LA would also contain photos of the improvement.  If someone felt so strongly as to make this post, he should at least make it an honest one.  By God, we need help, but that help would probably be more forthcoming if we could also show what we have managed for ourselves.

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