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View Diary: Coleen Rowley Fires Back At John Kline's Smear #2, (23 comments)

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  •  OK, I wrote her (or her staff, more likely) (0+ / 0-)

    Here's what I wrote.


    Hello, Rowley-for-Congress Staff Member.

    I apologize in advance from asking about an issue that I suspect the campaign wishes would go away -- namely, Ms. Rowley's position on issues related to the drug war.  I understand that the whole reason  this is even being discussed in this campaign is a ridiculuous attack on one of your colleagues levied by the opposition.

    Let me also add that I am a strong supporter of Ms. Rowley's bid for Congress.  What she did was a true act of patriotism.

    However, now that the issue has been brought up, I am writing seeking clarification on Ms. Rowley's response.  In a statement, Ms. Rowley stated that she opposes legalization of "all [illegal] drugs."  I wonder if the wording of her statement was intended to leave open the possibility that Ms. Rowley might support the legalization of cannabis.

    This is not a "wacky" or even a "liberal" position, as Mr. Klein has charged.  In fact, it is an extremely sensible position with broad support across the political spectrum, including conservative economist Milton Friedman, the libertarian Cato Institute, and, more recently, a group of over 5,000 current and former law enforcement professionals called LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).  As a former FBI agent, Ms. Rowley must know the tremendous amount of money and life that has been wasted in the war on cannabis -- a substance whose physical and psychological dangers are dwarfed by those of the legal drugs alcohol and tobacco, as well as by much of what is sold by the pharmaceutical industry.  What is worse, the effect of prohibition has not been to eliminate the market for cannabis so much as to drive it underground, so that gangs and armed terrorists (mostly in Mexico) profit from it.

    It is neither smart, nor ethical, to have a system that spends $16 billion a year to lock up American citizens because of their recreational drug of choice.

    •  Some more on this (0+ / 0-)

      My husband has cancer and is under going chemo...he found that the drugs they put him on to manage the pain between treatments cronk him out, so he doesn't take it and lives in chronic pain. Marijuana is illegal in MN even for medical use but we both commented that it would be nice to have an alternative to what he's been prescribed. Unfortunately it won't be MJ (at least not for a while).

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