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View Diary: What would you do with $250,000,000 a day? (49 comments)

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  •  My list (4+ / 0-)

    I would definitely put debt reduction as the top priority. Why?

    Well, we spend more "servicing the debt" than we do on homeland security, education, or defense. If we reduce the principal we owe, then we reduce the interest we have to pay every year. That revenue is then available for education, healthcare, social programs, ect. Not having all our debt outsourced to foreign nations would also be a big plus AND it'll help stabalize the economy.

    Once we begin taking in more than we spend my priorities would be:

    1. Education and related social programs. We must produce intelligent and skilled citizens to compete in the world economy.
    1. Alternative energy and infrastructure. This is an area where we can still come out ahead of the rest of the world if we put enough emphasis on it now. Let's reduce the economic pangs we'll suffer in future oil crises by retooling our economy NOW.
    1. The space program. The space program has one of the highest returns per dollar spent of any program ever. We need to manage space exploration more intelligently than the Bush administration has so far done.
    1. Fixing the health care crisis: I only put this so far down on the list because it really hasn't been a failure of available resources/money so much as a failure of will. We just need to do it
    1. Streamlining the military for anti-terrorism activities. Going after the terrorists with more of a police stategy.
    1. International aid activities. Face it: we need to improve our world image, we might as well do something constructive, too.

    This is only a partial list, I'm sure everyone can think of so many more things that could be accomplished with the resources wasted on Iraq.

    •  Pump it into taking back the house and senate (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      then we could actually impeach chimpy and his cast of characters, get the hell out of Iraq, enforce the tax laws against the high income scoflaws and pay off the deficit.

      From there, the sky is the limit.

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