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View Diary: What would you do with $250,000,000 a day? (49 comments)

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  •  You're great Carnacki (1+ / 0-)
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    Always (well, often) good for a laugh.

    My focus would be alternative energy, from the POV of national policy.  But if I could hold back a wee bit for personal priorities, I'd probably buy up lands at risk for various reasons, and put people to work on restoration projects.  Around my home (because some would have to be here, so I could see it), buy up more land and do a combination of riparian restoration and tree-planting projects, and native plants revegetation.  And a hybrid car.

    My house?  Solar well pump, big cistern, net metering, greenhouse, workshop, stonework, a few strategic fences for windbreaks and privacy, more tree planting, maybe a pond, streamside gazebo.  All with some nifty crafts details to keep some local craftsmen working, and probably education components related to it all.

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