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View Diary: Why Globalization and Connectivity Mean Capitalism Will No Longer Keep Americans Safe and Warm (30 comments)

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  •  You are on the right track (0+ / 0-)

    You are certainly on the right track, I believe. My own political ideology is anarchism or socialist libertarianism: let the workers control the work - one person, one vote. Have a fully network human civilization, but one that is governed in small communities by the people who live there. There will certainly be leaders, natural aristoi, who arise, because some people can sit at meetings and pay attention for longer than others and various things like that. However, they will be comparably benevolent because there will be no proverbial line to draw in the sand, they will be a part of the environment and will not be able to distance themselves with gated communities or Secret Service. And then, we just allow society, and human civilization as an aggregate, to progress in a more natural way.  

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      Nathan Jaco

      while worker cooperation as a practice or mode of organization isn't explicitly political, i think it is a good fit with the values of anarchism, social libertarianism, progressives, etc. in that it prioritizes a more egalitarian ethic, participatory democracy, solidarity, and distribution of power, it empowers people more to be the creators of their own destinies, rather than agents of the plans dreamed by the minority of owners and controllers in the current system.

      a workable society has to be grown, it can't be planned to the last detail- if people want to live in small communities and are empowered to create them, they will- it may very well be that most people prefer that kind of life but aren't empowered to pursue it under the current system. Also, people can have a hard time supporting what they can't imagine, for example, worker cooperatives- many people have no idea that such a form of successful economic organization exists- as people become aware of the benefits it offers and become empowered to pursue it, we may see a dramatic rise in forward activity in this regard. People's preferences changes as their awareness changes.

      about leaders, have you heard of liquid democracy? it's a form of direct democracy where you can proxy your vote. So instead of having to vote on every issue that you may or may not understand, you can delegate and rescind your voting power at will to say, Noam Chomsky for foreign affairs, Stephen Hawking for science funding decisions, your aunt Mary for your local zoning decisions, etc. or retain the right to vote on any issue whatsoever in your political domain. So there could arise natural leaders, but their power is directly proportional to their popular support, which can be withdrawn at any time.

      is your process of reflection represented in practical action?

      you are human:
      no masters,
      no slaves

      by guidoreichstadter on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 07:33:07 AM PDT

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      •  The Liquidity of Democracy (0+ / 0-)

        Liquid democracy is basically the idea. However, one should remember it is about more than egalitarianism, it is actually about productivity. Producers who control the production are more productive q.e.d. It was never management's fear that the workers would run the shop into the ground, they were simply concerned with their authority, power, and privilege. The work of  scholar David Noble elaborates on this - try Forces of Production: A Social History of Industrial Automation. As for your highly appropriate question, "is your process of reflection represented in practical action?" under the current system, that my level of wealth and institutional position means that I am not enfranchised enough to make much of a significant difference. There are certainly radical actions I could take that would garner attention, but may or may not affect change. My goal is to systematically outline to people the prospect of a better way of life, and hope that in the process people realize that we all actually are enfranchised en masse, but not as individuals. I am following the path that Bertrand Russell, Noam Chomsky, David Noble, Michael Parenti, Howard Zinn, and they like have laid. It should be noted that they have not been particularly effective, but have been the most effective people in mind since the radical activism of the late '60's and early to mid '70's.

        •  i would be really interested (0+ / 0-)

          to read more of what you write. let me know what you've got out there.

          its everone's place to decide how they're going to live their lives, but i think that analyzing and synthesizing the history are very important contributions. esp. when you can come to the level of proposing practical moves forward and motivating people.

          you are human:
          no masters,
          no slaves

          by guidoreichstadter on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:38:18 PM PDT

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          •  Thank you, but do not overestimate me (0+ / 0-)

            I am smarter and better educated than the average bear, and there is no reason to be modest about that. I am also probably right in my views, which have been passed to me through a long line of Rationalist philosophers. However, I am not particularly charismatic, nor am I particularly good at convincing people to care about the economic system of oppression under which the mass of humanity lives. You can search my name and read all of my comments on dailykos, I have endeavored to be consistent so my views and suggestions will be clear. Perhaps if you are a charming person who can make this information accessible and believable to people so you, and people like you, can affect the changes that I have failed to make.

            •  The charming ones have usually slid through life (0+ / 0-)

              It is the thinkers and worriers that understand what is happening. If they ever get elected, which they usually don't, because they aren't charming...they make excellent leaders and do well by their people.

              Bush is charming in a sick sort of way.

              The link below should take you to the page where they talk about how the Democrats have caused part of the problem, by being too accepting. Bushites are immoral in greed and war, but the democrats can cause chaos for the average person too.

              We can learn from it. The website has some deep thoughts about our country.

              I am writing this now because this won't be read by many.


              Click around and be sure and read the cube.

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