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View Diary: Why Globalization and Connectivity Mean Capitalism Will No Longer Keep Americans Safe and Warm (30 comments)

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    as i see it, the basic principle of capitalism is that you set up certain legal rights that establish the existence of property and ownership, with these concepts construed to imply that the owners have rather exclusive unilateral control over the disposition of the parts of the physical and cultural world that are considered their property. of course these control rights aren'y completely total, being subject to regulation by the political system, but they are strong enough to permit the establishment of fairly strong control hierarchies, for example, the practice of employment, backed up by the threat of the state's military force.

    One of my central objections to this process is the inherently unfair distribution of ownership. Historically, in the US this process involved genocide, slavery, invasion, mass mayhem on a grand scale. But even consider a completely egaltarian approach- suppose at the founding of the republic, the distribution of land, resources, etc. were settled by a process of democratic deliberation between all the members of society. What happens when a new child is born? Is the process renegotiated?  Also, by what right do you exclude people outside of the country from this process? By setting up borders you are essentially claiming the right to exlude others from this democratic process.

    another approach is to consider the fundamental rights to be not property rights, but the political right of participation in the decisions that affect you. the distribution of resources, and the guiding of the direction of cultural evolution, becomes a continuous process of democratic deliberation.

    you are human:
    no masters,
    no slaves

    by guidoreichstadter on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 12:58:33 PM PDT

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      The fact of the matter is, at the founding of the Republic, the only people who really got to have any control, in spite of all the Enlightened rhetoric, were property owning Anglo males over 21. These are highly concentrated conditions to begin with, so of course they were not going to change dramatically, no matter the legislation of social civility; this was used primarily to placate the social activists. The reason the activism failed is because of division and isolation. The labor unions were rascist and chauvinistic. The Black revolutionaries were African nationalists. The liberal intelligentsia were obedient in their institutional roles q.e.d. That is why activism never worked, because it was never a revolution of the poor outright, and that is why the concentration of economic power remains the status quo. That is being further manipulated by the capitalist monocultural society that the media (the ultra-effective American propaganda system) portray to people makes them value things like fashionable consumptions rather than freedom. And this leads to further division, isolation, and distraction all to the background of a process of cultural homogenization that is making the populace obedient. This is why I am so frustrated, because few recognize the issue for what it is - the continued history of society: the class struggle.

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