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View Diary: Peter Goldmark, WA-05, shares his background and vision for E. Washington (89 comments)

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    Carl Ballard, anrima

    Well, my mom has always been quite the cook and on Fridays and Saturdays, she cooks up her specialty, Chinese food.  

    I saw the post up thread about Peter's schedule - so I promptly posted just a bit of this info there!  But if you do stop by my parents' place, expect some home cooking and tell 'em their daughter, Patricia sent y'all!  As a bit of background, their other,older daughter has been living in Kuwait since 1988 (she does visit with their five grandchildren when she can).

    Let me also take the time to pass onto you just a few of my parents' main concerns:  Depressed local economy.  The thick bureacracy that a small owner has to fight through to find means to pick up their business financially during these hard times - I can't voice that one enough.  Banks, government - none of those areas have been helpful resources at all for my parents - two very hard workers and extremely trustworthy people.  

    Also, my dad appreciates "straight talk" more than anything; he's from the time when a handshake was as strong as oak, for example.  

    I surely hope Peter and yourself do make that pit stop there - the food is probably better now than when you were "about knee high"!  :)

    End the US occupation of Iraq now!

    by smugbug on Tue Aug 22, 2006 at 11:17:14 AM PDT

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