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View Diary: Mike S Slaps Michael Medved Silly. (18 comments)

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    damaging information for a possible future call, refer to "Whatever Happened to the Class of '65?" which Medved co-edited with David Wallechinsky. It's a book of interviews from their high school classmates. Medved has a section in there.

    At the time when he was called up, he had been teaching at an Orthodox Jewish school in New Haven, CT, for the purpose of getting a deferment. It required a letter from the rabbi.

    What he didn't tell you during the call, but does divulge to the whole fucking world in the book, is that he had been cohabiting with a woman, of course without the rabbi's knowledge. Had the rabbi been aware what Medved was doing he would not have provided that deferment letter.

    Medved deceived a rabbi in order to get out of serving in Vietnam.

    And wouldn't you know? Decades later he's pushing the moralism and warmongering. Shocked I am not.

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