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  •  It's time we marched on the White House... (3+ / 0-)
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    All this talk about W being the new King George, or further back in time, to the 16th century has only served to reinforce a vision I had of the populous marching on the White House. The vision was similar to the Frankenstein movies, where the peasants of the town take up wooden pitchforks and flaming torches and marched up to the castle.

    This is what I envision the March on the White House to be, a peasant revolt, (after-all, that is how this Administration treats us) complete with wooden pitchforks and rakes and torches. It's all symbolic of course, but I like that image and what it says about the "let them eat cake" attitude they have.

    •  Hear, hear VinBacchus. Meteor Blades discussed (3+ / 0-)

      something similar regarding Iran, except with the motiff that the march(es) should be simultaneous across America's leading 250 cities.

      I say this is an excellent idea and add that these demonstrations should be on a continuing basis.

      Bush, it seems was surprised, puzzled and (perhaps) impressed by the giant anti-U.S. demonstration in Baghdad the other day.

      I say WE should join the parade and see if we too can get President Nero's attention.

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