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    When the Hebrews entered Eretz Knaan , they fought a local tribe - The Phillistines.
    For some reason that name stuck and Eretz Israel was named Palestine by its British occupiers.
    The former occupier - The Ottoman Empire simply called it the "Southern Syrian Province".

    Theodor Herzel , in both Altnoyland and "The Jewish State" refers to "Palestine" as Eretz-Israel, its Hebrew biblical name.
    It was ofcourse "lost" in translation.

    Another historical error made by you is your statement about 1881. The first Jewish Immigrants to Palestine arrived there in 1881, funded by Jewish Philantropists. They were called BILU (House of Jacob we shall go forth) and small number of them arrived there exactly in that year.

    Jews had three kingdoms in Eretz Israel : The Kingdom of David , that later seperated to Yehuda (Judea) and Israel (who's inhabitants were later banished). Judea existed until it was destroyed and its inhabitants banished.
    It was the Persian king Koresh that allowed the Jews to later return thus establishing the Hashmonite state , which lasted for about 100 years.

    The "Palestinians" , however , never had a palestinian state and began developing their identity only when they felt threatend by the Jewish presence. That process is well described in Benny Moris's book "Victims".
    Even prominent Palestinians , inculding Arafat , admitted on several occasions that the Palestinian people does not really exist. (All that said , I do support a Palestinian state).

    So ,that said, Israel is the only homeland Jews have ever had. Every religious Jew says this every day, for 2000 years : "If I forget jerusalem , may my right hand forget its cunning."
    Read the Passover Hagaddah and Jewish texts before you say Jews don't have a deep historical and emotional bond to Eretz Israel .
    And please tell me that jews could always live quietly in Europe and in Muslim nations.

    Moreover , After 1948 , Arab states banished 850,000 Jews from their territory to Israel (thank god) without their property.
    We demand our property and houses back.
    Doesn't that make sense?

    We may live in a gutter , but wer'e reaching for the stars.

    by SteppenWolf on Wed Aug 23, 2006 at 11:05:36 AM PDT

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