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  •  Hitchens (16+ / 0-)

    Hitchens did NOT run circles around Maher. The guy came completely unglued and flipped off the audience twice. The comical lies he told about Zarqawi and the bogus collaboration between Iraq and Al Qaeda were  eclipsed in their entertainment value only the sight of Christopher Hitchens shitting all over his once-respectable resume for the 746th time.

    •  I said that because of the way he was able (4+ / 0-)
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      to dominate the conversation, not so much the quality of his arguments.  Hitchens has real self-esteem issues and contempt for anyone who doesn't fully kiss his ass, so I didn't mean to imply he was "convincing".

    •  Nobody Challenged His Lies (9+ / 0-)

      I love Maher but when the right wing lies get too detailed he can't respond. We might have been playing along at home and shsking our head at the Zarqawi lies but there was nobody there to counter it. Since you can't count on Maher to, I was at least hoping Nasr or Cleland would it didn't happen. I was then hoping Kos would say, "If you don't mind Bill, I would like to go back to something the lying drunken fuck Hitchens said a while ago.
      Somebody should have said the following:

      1 - Zarqawi pre-invasion was in a part of Iraq that Saddam didn't control. We could have taken him out, but it would have taken away one of the less than slim connections Saddam had to al Qaeda. We needed that to justify the war.
      2- The role that Zarqawi played in the groups that were resisting our occupation was limited. It was played up again to display the international terrorist connection of the insurgency and to try to create an impression in Iraq that the insurgency was being conducted by outside forces.

      If Hitchens wants to go on these shows and be as vulgar as giving the audience the finger, it seems only fair that there should be someone on these panels to let the drunken contrarian fuck have it between the eyes. The definition of contrarion. The prick earned a living for years trashing Mother Teresa. Fuck him and the British Airways jet the scumbag flew in on.

      I someone said that it would be decent TV. Somebody has got to tell the panel to mix it up a bit more.

      This drunken fuck tries to marginalize Michael Moore. He gives the finger multiple times to the audience and he will be on Hardball next week. I don't have a problem with that. It was probably one of the more interesting parts of a lame show. Just let someone on who has the balls to give that louse the ass kicking he has been obviously waiting for his whole fucking life.

      Good Government. Traffic Lights Aren't All That Weird. Vote Democratic!

      by HL Mungo on Fri Aug 25, 2006 at 09:37:51 PM PDT

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