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    Lots of good points above. My problem with Real Time is when it so obviously preaches to the choir, instead of engaging in real debate. Maher can jump without a parachute, why is he doing the obvious Bush jokes?. I only agreed with Hitchens on one point, and he did nail Maher with his criticism of the juvenile Bush humor. I didn't laugh once during the show, but the audience was rolling about the lamest, un-funny jokes ever. Even "New Rules", usually a guaranteed entertainment segment, fell flat.

    If Hitchens was drunk, it wasn't obvious as other times. Really, he was quite lucid last night if you've seen him a few times. His gimmick is to hammer people with well thought out "facts", hoping his opponents don't know the subject in detail. Maher's problem is he's too scripted. He wanted to talk to Spike Lee about a horrible lesbian movie from two years ago and joke about the word "blog" with Markos, instead of using the wit he is known for. I think Hitchens did walk off at the end.

    I've met Cleland, and like him, but he made me cringe. I dislike his folksy persona, it's too politican-like,  he had some embarassing phrases that I can't remember. His problem, like many Democrats, is not showing some healthy anger when Repbublicans drag them through miles of pig shit. Chambliss fucked him good in 2002, and he smiled through it all.

    Elvis Costello was incredibly good. Maher was steering him into some Bush bashing, not really realizing that England has its own problems. Costello did touch on that, but he, like kos, stayed on message. And his message was that there are good Americans in every town in every state of this country, who had compassion for the victims of Katrina and continue to do so. Definitely a great positive message that was only half heartedly appreciated with the audience.

    They came to the show to boo.

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