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    I do piano and guitar pretty well - in fact, professionally (sideline) - but am disgracefully low on handyman skills.

    In sports we have 'hand-eye' coordination, a very big deal. The eye sees, the hand responds. Typing, guitar, piano require - here's my theory - an equivalent 'mind-finger'  coordination. The mind conceives, the fingers execute - without a pause to consciously guide the fingers. Of course it takes training. It's a question of developing reflexes. Neural pathways.

    As for the handyman skills, I have no idea what it takes. All I know is that plumbing and wiring and housepainting and carpentry are various forms of wrestling. You struggle with material things in ways which are sometimes delicate and nuanced (like piano), but mostly crude and brutal.

    I think it's time to re-read 'Zen & The Art of  Motorcycle Maintenance'.

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