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    Black Max, GreyHawk

    Well, you might be able to call them "Padded Armor," akin to the quilted cloth armor worn in Asia (with a silk undershirt which is astonishingly good protection against arrows); I think Padded Armor is AC9 or even 8. Plus, as Small creatures, they undoubtedly get a +1 bonus when attacked by Medium or Large creatures (or is it +2 vs. Large?). In all likelihood, kids forced to wear those would have to end up being very good at ducking and running, through sheer practice if nothing else; so they probably get some decent Dexterity bonuses.

    So whg knows — they might even wind up with an effective AC of 5 or 6, which is better than leather armor.

    That poor boy's shield, on the other hand, ain't worth shit in battle.

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