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View Diary: CA-Gov: Schwarzengger running away with it (273 comments)

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  •  I think the ol' split mentality may be a factor (2+ / 0-)
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    eugene, Balam

    Many still believe that it's best to have a legislature of one party and a governor of another party.

    The initial impression of Schwarzenegger was that he was a moderate who was socially liberal.  When he began tacking heavily to the right, people turned against him.  Now he's tacking heavily in the opposite direction, and I think people are more inclined to fall for it because they think that he's returning to what he was all along and that the last couple of years were an aberration, out of a misguided attempt to get more federal dollars or something.  The Democratic wife and Democratic top aide is apparent confirmation of that in their minds.

    What kills me is that few seem to be considering that he's tacking to the left for election purposes, and after the election he won't have to worry about that anymore.  Well, I suppose there's always the specter of a recall, but California voters are so sick of elections that he probably judges there's no real stomach for a recall.

    •  A split between fascists and liberals is no bette (0+ / 0-)

      r than a straight liberal ticket. Me thinks.

      Today "balance in the media" means a balance between political fact and conservative ideology.

      by Joe B on Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 09:10:43 AM PDT

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