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View Diary: Sweeney reelect below 50% in NY-20 (32 comments)

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    I am quite disappointed by the poll. (And actually Democrats were very slightly overpolled  - the poll was 26% Dem, actual registration in 24.7% Dem) I thought the results would have been much closer, like a 10% Sweeney lead, instead of an almost 20% lead. I'm just amazed that it seems like her ads are having almost no effect. She's been on TV constantly since the beginning of last July. Maybe her camapaign needs a shakeup, perhaps a new message and a new image. It's really too bad that the people in our area can't seem to see Representitive Sweeney for what he really is. I really thought all the ski trips with lobbyists, the wife taking 10% of campaign contributions, and the close ties to Bush would have some effect on the race. Apparently it hasn't. Is this man "teflon" or something? I don't why all the criticisms of Sweeney just aren't sinking in. What about the ads? Why is nothing changing people's opinions on this man? I just can't understand it.

    Whether Gillibrand could mount a successful rematch to Sweeney in 2008 would have to depend on how much she were to lose by this year. If she were to lose by a respectable 48%-52% margin, then I would be perfectly supportive of another Gillibrand run. On the other hand, if she were to lose by a landslide 40%-60% margin, then I think it would be very difficult for her to ever mount another serious campaign against Sweeney and get large donors to fund her attempt. Not to mention, there's a chance we'd be faced with a destructive Democratic primary if she were to try to come back in '08 after losing by a large margin in '06.

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