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View Diary: Hitch's War Against Fitzmas and Sobriety. (9 comments)

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    it's really sad.  this chap used to be great - dunno what happens to people when they go to pieces as eg ezra pound did, tho of course it's heresy to mention pound in the same breath as hitch; they go all right-wing and anti-semitic. pound did recover....but i remember hitch's glory years, when, for example, he was on one of the sunday talks shows with charlton heston, talking about the middle east.  heston rabbited on, toeing the party line until hitch turned to the host and asked 'Why do you dig up these tired old reaganite hacks? This idiot couldn't find the middle east on a map'. heston bridled and assured viewers that he knew the middle east very well.  'Okay' said hitch, enjoying himself, 'where's Bahrain?'  'Bahrain' intoned heston, 'is between iraq and....'  'It's an island in the persian gulf,' drawled hitch, dripping contempt....
    i could forgive him a lot after that....

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