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    I wish we were all big enough to admit when our personal philosophies showed their shortcomings.

    Then again, I wish I had the opportunity to see my personal philosophies actually tried out in the real world.  It's awfully hard to admit something's shortcomings when they don't, y'know, come.

    Incidentally, it may be worth seeing some slight glimmerings of hope in some of the stuff that the free market is starting to do.  Specifically, from what I understand, WalMart (of all places) has the declared goal of selling at least one compact fluorescent bulb to each of its customers in the next year, to up the energy efficiency of the equipment it sells by some significant percentage over the next five years, and several other things.  We'll see if it's all just empty hype, but what they're saying does make a certain amount of sense: if WalMart wants to be the only store selling anything to anyone in the United States in 50 years, it would behoove them to be sure that there is still a recognizable world in which to operate.  The bigger the upheaval, the less chance that WalMart will stay on top.


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