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  •  Red herring- (12+ / 0-)

    The conversation has been successfully redirected to the bogus wind/flood argument.  This is everywhere along the coast.

    My experience?

    We bought the house five years ago, and were told by the real estate agent "boy you might not get insurace at all because the insurance companies are pulling out of south of I10".  We took on the priors owners policy, rather than have a new one rewrote, which we were told was the only way to get insurance on our house in Bay St. Louis.

    A pattern emerged at that time, companies sent out agents to update information, and dropped people all over the coast for arbitrary reasons, such as a late or missed payment, rakes or pool equipment leaing up against their homes (flying projectiles).  We were sent a letter from a class action suit, the insurance company (Allstate) had run credit checks upon thousands of customers without their knowledge or permission, with the intent of dropping their coverage.  

    We asked FOUR times for flood insurance, and we were told "no it's not allowed, you not in a flood zone", "it's not required", and "By the way, you have the best policy we offer on the coast".  "This hurricane policy will take care of you". We asked numberous times for full written copy of our policy, which was never sent to us.  Every hurricane season we called and asked for a copy.  (many people I know never recieved their policy).  We never received a copy until Dick Scruggs Katrina Group subpeonaed a copy for us several months ago, but who would know if that was the policy we paid for?  

    The fraudulant and misleading business practices of insurance agents along the coast, who took money, and led cutomers to believe they did not need or could not get flood insurance is the true story.  FEMA, who never updated the 100 year flood maps was complicit in this pattern of inadequate coverage.

    There should be an investigation into industrywide practices that leave our vulnerable areas underinsured.  

    As a side note, we are now required to have flood insurance, a mere 250.00 a year, while our supplemental  "hurricane" policy was over 600.00 a year, useless, and in addition to our homeowners. I would have gladly paid a measly 250.00 dollars a year for the 230,000 dollars in damage we sustained.  We were paying 1,500 a year thinking we were covered.  AGH!!!-I could go on about this.

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