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  •  "Unofficial" US history says 1930's Brits and US (2+ / 0-)
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    looked the other way as Hitler re-armed Germany, fully cognizant, through their intelligence operatives in Germany, of what was going on. The agenda of Britain's "government within a government" was to let Chamberlain and other dovish dupes carry on about Hitler's trustworthiness, making him the fall guy when things hit the fan. Abetting Hitler's ascendancy was part of a plan that included keeping Germany economically moribund, a state of affairs that was sure to anger average Germans, who would become the fodder for a war many industrialists and banking cartel members considered an opportunity to reap windfall profits on a scale not seen since World War I, based on their wildly inflated prices for armor, ordnance and ammunition warring governments would need to buy from them.

    The book, Trading With The Enemy details all of this.

    FDR and other principals in the US government also goaded the industrially struggling and globally ambitious Japanese government in the same way. They and others at the top were well aware, months before it happened, that the Japanese would attack competing powers in the Pacific theater if sufficiently provoked. As FDR needed a pretext to bring US into the war by that time, the strategy was to set the stage for something like Pearl Harbor to occur, thus igniting angry American patriotism. The rest is, um, history.

    My point: taken in the context of a thoroughly sordid American history, Rumsfeld's lies and prevarications simply follow a centuries-old pattern of top eschelon American politicians and their minions deceiving, manipulating, intimidating and coercing gullible American populations into lock-step support for whatever ideological or economic war they decide to fight. While bankers and corporations profit no matter the outcome. The only generation to effectively derail a war was the baby boomers, when they led opposition to US political occupation of Viet Nam/Cambodia/Laos. Ironically, that generation, who now control economic and political power, are responding slowly to the nasty truths about Corporate/Financial America's historical control over our government, political system, economic system and educational system. When we need ourselves most, where are we?

    It's easy to take democracy away from Americans. They won't take the risks or make the sacrifices necessary to force us out of power. --Gloating NeoCon Fascists

    by Enough Talk Lets Get Busy on Thu Aug 31, 2006 at 09:32:11 AM PDT

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