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View Diary: Taking Back the House State by State - CONNECTICUT! (16 comments)

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    The fifth was actually redrawn to be just as red as the old sixth (which Johnson held from 1982-00) Most of the area of the old fifth (formerly held by the Dem Maloney) were given to Rosa DeLauro, John Larsen, and, interestingly, CT-02 (which was held by a Dem at the time of redistricting).
    For example, the bluer parts of Waterbury were all given to the third, while the more conservative parts of the conservative city were given to Johnson.

    I guess the fact that this race is so competitive shows how blue the state has become in just the last decade. Seems like ancient history that CT voted for Bush in 1988.

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      Last race Johnson had token opposition winning 60-39 vs. Thesesa Gerratana. A better reflection of the district is the 2002 race where she won 54-43 vs. James Maloney.

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        The 5th Congressional District of Connecticut covers much of the western side of the state, dipping down to include the northern towns of Fairfield County. It has two arms that reach into the hills of central Connecticut--one to Democratic Meriden, and the other to the affluent and Republican-leaning Farmington Valley suburbs of Hartford. This district was carefully drawn by a bipartisan redistricting commission to provide a "fair fight" between two incumbents forced into the same district because Connecticut lost a House seat in the 2000 Census.

        District Demographics (More Info)

           * Cook Partisan Voting Index: D + 4
           * District Size: 1,282 square miles
           * Population in 2000: 681,113; 85.9% urban; 14.1% rural
           * Median Household Income: $53,118; 7.7% are below the poverty line
           * Occupation: 22.4% blue collar; 62.9% white collar; 14.6% gray collar; 11.9% military veterans
           * Race/Ethnic Origin: 80.2% White, 5.2% Black, 2.1% Asian, 0.2% Amer. Indian, 0.0% Hawaiian, 1.5% Two+ races, 0.3% Other, 10.5% Hispanic origin
           * Ancestry: 14.5% Italian, 12.7% Irish, 8.2% German

        "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx

        by Greg Dworkin on Mon Sep 04, 2006 at 06:58:34 AM PDT

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