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View Diary: 'Fight them there, so we don't have to fight them here' key lie in New Big Fib© (202 comments)

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    They took out more in one day here than they have in three years in Iraq.

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    by Bob Johnson on Sat Sep 02, 2006 at 06:22:14 PM PDT

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      Warren Terrer, greenearth, dolphin777

      "When terrorists go to Iraq to fight us, it is for only one reason: Because they believe it is easier to defeat us there."

      They took out more in one day here than they have in three years in Iraq.

      It is not about body count.  9/11 was not a defeat.  It could have been a victory in the end if it had not been for Bush's reckless decision to occupy Iraq. But once he made that decision the al Qaeda leaders, who understood Iraq a lot better than the neocons in our defense department, saw that there was a real risk that if we stayed in Iraq for any length of time the country could break up into sectarian fighting.

      So al Qaeda used the few non-Iraqi Arab volunteers that they had to make sure that that sectarian fighting started and it worked.  They may be getting ready to leave soon since the thing is now like a chain reaction.

      This is what Juan Cole had to say the other day about the new dynamics that are in play in Iraq and why a small reduction in deaths in some parts of Baghdad as a result of intense American intervention does not mean much.

      In the single biggest incident, Mortar shells slammed into a Shiite neighborhood in East Baghdad, causing a building to collapse on inhabitants and killing at least 50 (a number sure to rise as the building is excavated).

      See, it really doesn't matter that much if the number of overall attacks falls in Baghdad. What matters is how angry sectarian groups are with one another. I sympathize with the difficulty the US and Iraqi militaries have in combating such random mortar attacks. How could you really stop such things if someone is determined to carry them out? But the rage among Shiites will certainly produce reprisals, and a downward spiral of hatred that is ethnically cleansing Baghdad.

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