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    murphy, melvin

    If you follow melvin's Columbia Complex link, you can find some pictures of a DC-10 (same size as a 747) dropping retardant. That fire is at about 93,000 acres, but about half is in grass and wheat fields.

    In addition to Tripod at 161,000 acres, the Tatoosh fire is a little farther west (N of Mazama) at 31,000 acres in the Pasayten Wilderness (now closed) and has crossed into Canada.

    You can find info on all of the major WA State fires here. There are a total of about 300,000 acres involved in fire in WA alone, and resources (firefighters, aircraft, etc) are severely strained, esp since firefighters are now starting to go back to school or to their fall/winter jobs.

    And the weather forecast for the next 3 weeks remains hot and dry - our last rainfall was sometime in early July (not unusual).

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    by badger on Tue Sep 05, 2006 at 01:36:40 PM PDT

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