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    Nathan Jaco

    that is the essence of much of what barnett has to say.  what barnett doesn't often talk about though is what force needs to be applied to create a "connection".

    here you seem to have two choices: the force (whatever it is) can be applied through the extant nation-state at issue, its laws, its leaders, and its customs... or the force can be applied locally, through the customs, laws, and leaders of the people.

    the non-integrated gap countries have not connected themselves to their people, and as a result, any commerce flowing into the legal framework of gap countries will flow exclusively to those regimes which have kept their countries purposely disconnected.

    if you buy that, then barnett's theory is merely brain candy.  it makes a nice picture, but the reality is quite ugly.  shrinking the gap becomes a process of helping the gap build a wall of ever increasing height.

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