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  •  It is NOT a disaster for Dems (1+ / 0-)
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    if Dems have the good sense to draw attention to this as further proof the Bush Administration is losing the War on Terror and isn't even earnest about fighting the War on Terror.

    Our "ally" Musharraf's separate peace with al-Qaeda is a HUGE embarassment for the Bush Administration. It may even be Pakistani payback for Bush's incredibly stupid open strategic alignment with India last year.

    Al-Qaeda and the Taliban once again are secure on territory they control themselves, protected by Pakistan; they also stand greater chance now of gaining access to Pakistani nuclear materials; Karzai's government in Afghanistan is probably now doomed.

    It's as if our "victory" in Afghanistan had never happened. Put another way, it's as if every American or Brit who died in Afghanistan died in vain.

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