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View Diary: American President Admits Secret Torture Prison Network (283 comments)

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  •  Torture (10+ / 0-)

    Who know's what the idiot Bush meant when he said he won't stand for "torture".

    I use the term to mean...

    “Torture” means having to listen to one of idiot Bush’s speeches where he mentions “terrorism”, “the war on terror”, or Al Qaeda for the billionth time.

    “Torture” means having to look at those vacant chimp eyes set in the chimp like face of the idiot Bush’s face.

    “Torture” means having to listen to the idiot Bush trying to speak his supposedly native tongue as he mispronounces words and scrambles the syntax of yet another simple declarative sentence.

    “Torture” means realizing once again that out of 300 million people; the person that the American “electorate” selected to represent them to the world was this idiot Bush.

    “Torture” means being reminded almost everyday that idiot Bush has no concept or understanding of history, diplomacy, negotiation, statesmanship, leadership, the rule of law, our Bill of Rights, or our Constitution.

    “Torture” means having this idiot Bush around as “our” moron-in-chief for another couple of years.

    “Torture” means realizing that this idiot Bush could possible lead our county into another military action or war.

    “Torture” means that once again some moron, the idiot Bush, claims to be a Christian while condoning and promoting behavior suitable for pagan barbarians.

    “Torture” means watching the idiot Bush promote the killing, kidnapping, assassination, mistreatment, and destruction of the “Palestinian” people at the hands of the Israeli government.

    Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

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