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View Diary: American President Admits Secret Torture Prison Network (283 comments)

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  •  But logically it's crap - they use an "informal (5+ / 0-)

    fallacy" called Special Pleading which is Double Standard-but-with-an-explanation.

    In essence,'special pleading' is an argument that, on specious grounds, ignores or holds irrelevant all unfavorable evidence.

    It's wrong to do such-&-such, but's ok for me because ..."I have evidence that proves this, but it's secret", "all others are incompetent", "my motives are pure, yours are not & no, no discussion"

    Of course, a child doesn't bother with the figleaf of 'explanation', but just says "but I want to!" or "because I'm me!"

    "There ought to be a law against any man who doesn't want to marry Myrna Loy". - Brigadier-Gen. JM Stewart, noted Republican, also in a few films

    by Monique Radevu on Wed Sep 06, 2006 at 07:57:05 PM PDT

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