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  •  Text of my email to Mr. Iger of Disney (11+ / 0-)

    Dear Mr. Iger:


    I just want to thank you.  Every year when visiting my sister’s family in San Diego, I cringed under the threat of being dragged to Disneyland with them.  They actually did it to me one year.  It was excruciating; the long dull lines, the jerky (in more than one sense) rides.  The whole plasticized, ersatz experience probably took years off my life.  Certainly, for one seemingly endless afternoon, my enjoyment of life was substantially diminished.

    Now, thanks to your crazed brown-nosing of the Republican smear machine,  allowing ABC to broadcast that farrago of misinformation and propaganda you call a “docudrama,” “Path to 9/11,” my sister and her family are boycotting Disney and all its products and services, INCLUDING DISNEYLAND.

    Not only that, my sister is a community activist.  Just recently, she headed a successful campaign against the San Diego City Council.   Yesssss, she did.  Now she is going to organize her friends to join her in a boycott of all things Disney.

    I am in heaven.  NO MORE DISNEYLAND FOR ME.  AND AS AN ADDED BONUS,  NO MORE LAME ITERATIONS OF “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” ON VIDEO!  I dance with delight.  My cup runeth over.

    Keep up the good work.


    Real name of Pundette

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