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  •  Exactly. (3+ / 0-)
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    Black Max, orphanpower, Do Tell

    I can't understand why ABC would ignore the coming protests. What do they think they're gaining by ignoring at least half the population of the country?

    •  Simply, free publicity. They think that more (2+ / 0-)
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      Magenta, shayera

      people will watch ABC, and since the right wing echo machine has already drummed the Clenis's imagined failures as a President (you remember all that bad stuff: like peace, prosperity, surpluses as far as the eye can see?) this is like taking candy from a baby.  

      It wasn't enough that they impeached Clinton, it wasn't enough that the stole an election or two, it wasn't enough that they started a war and are about to start another one, it wasn't enough that they robbed the treasury and gave it to the themselves and their rich cronies, now they are trying permanently to link Clinton and the Democrats with the failures of 9/11.  

      Think of the possibilities, every fall around 9/11 (pre-November elections) they can drag this "drama" out and beat Democrats over the head with it.  The message is unmistakable and indelible, Democratic failures caused 9/11.  Repeat, 2008, repeat 2010.

      It is a Rovian wet dream.  

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