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    The first thing I did after getting over my anger was to go to  Act Blue and make a 100 dollar contribution. I will be over at MoveON to get on the phones to support what ever races need the most support in November.  Great let's go after Disney. Who are the sponsers?  What are email addresses for board memebers?  Scholastic seems to have folded - can we not be equally succesful with the mouse?  But most important is let us focus our combined intellect on what Rove and the Rethugs are up to!  Frankly I feel that we need to uniformly tell every one in the country that We will no longer be driven by fear.  Bush and his gang is responsible for all that happened on their watch.  Most important of all the squandering of dollars, lives, and efforts to take care of America's most pressing domestic problems.  Hey Bush you just don't scare me any more!  Go Kossacks!

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