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  •  distinctions? (none)
    distinctions between the robber barons.

    Boy, have you downed the koolaid.

    •  not at all (4.00)
      You make distinctions to know, among other things, who can be coopted and who is an inveterate enemy. Some of the robber barons are ideological enemies of a welfare state...Trump, it seems, bases his view of the welfare state on whether or not it's good for the economy as a whole. It's a more pragmatic view, even if it is one which is concerned with money.

      If you refuse to see the point of that distinction, the kool-aid is all yours.

      •  As I stated above, (4.00)
        The issue is not arguing the relative merits of various robber barons.

        The issue is the obsession with robber-barons, and the endorsement of and celebration of robber-baron ethics of The Apprentice and Survivor, while ignoring the real heroes who dedicate their lives and their energies to making a difference in the world.

        I'm happy to have the Dems take Trump's money as much as Soros (incidentally, Soros does a hell of a lot with his money to better the lot of real human beings, and has used his money and power to make a positive difference in the world so comparing him to the self-obsessed Trump is a bit unfair, but that is besides the point). Although I would note that, to date, all Trump is on record as having done is donating the max to both the Dem and GOP campaigns.

        What I'm not happy about is that anyone think that the judgement of cheap-labor capitalists like Trump matters, just because he was on a TV show where millions enjoyed his enjoyment at firing people and manipulating them to work against each other.

        I know I'm in a distinct minority in this culture. Most people in the US don't share my view of The Apprentice as biz-porn.

        Most people think that Trump is somehow full of relevant wisdom because he made a buck.

        The rest of the world wonders how we got so off track, but we can't even see the problem.

        It's not about Donald Trump. It's about a value system that celebrates kicking everyone else off the island.

        •  it didn't even rise to the level of porn (none)
          Along with the joy of being able to say I have never seen a single episode of Friends, I am also quite proud of having never seen any of the Survivors, the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Joe Blow Sucks and Blows, Apprentice, or any of that other crap.

          Those shows are like SUVs:  ugly and crappy.

          I find I agree with you a whole lot, Galiel. Rated you a 4 again.  :-)

          William Goldman was right when he said the three rules of Hollywierd are "1) Nobody, 2) knows, 3) anything." Works in the real world, too.

          by HollywierdLiberal on Fri Apr 16, 2004 at 08:52:20 PM PDT

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    •  kool aid? (none)
      it's important to make distictions between the robber barons.  Plutocracy has it's nuances.  

      Soros, Trump, Carnegie, Kennedy vs. The Waltons, the Duponts, the Cheneys.  

      here's the point in case you're still not clear:  the rich who are willing to donate their hard-earned dough for liberal causes are far better than the rich who do not.

      in the future, if you have something serious to say, or add, or a question to ask, please do so. otherwise, keep the trollish comments about "drinking the kool aid" to yourself.


      "If you invade Iraq you will create a hundred bin Ladens." - Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak

      by markymarx on Fri Apr 16, 2004 at 11:18:00 AM PDT

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      •  misunderstood... (none)
        ...your point. Thanks for the clarification.

        I think you missed mine as well. Hope my clarification below fixes that.

        I could care less about Trump and his relative merits vs. other robber barons. It's the popular cult of $$ I'm concerned about.

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