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  •  Kurds and Sunni politicians... (4+ / 0-)
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    ...are not likely to join together to counter Shia' domination.  There are three reasons for this.  First, some of the Shia' parties (SCIRI for example) are far more willing to grant Kurdish autonomy than the Sunni Arab politicians and the Sunni populace, who reject even limited autonomy for the Kurds. Second, the Kurds suffered at the hands of Sunni-dominated security forces and army, and most Kurds do not feel the same degree of antipathy toward the Shia' who were sidelined or victims of the Ba'ath security services. Third, and contrary to popular wisdom, the Shia' political parties are not passive puppets of Iran.  They have their own agenda, and the Kurds recognize this far better than the pundocracy in the US because they, too, negotiate with Iran.  There are tensions - the Kurds distrusted Jaafari and intensely dislike Sadr - but the Kurds and the Shia' are not likely to come into conflict any time soon.

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