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    Best research diary I've ever read--and spot on.  Sadly, I've lived through both of these disasters and could add that Vietnam took the fight out of anti-war leftists.  In the 60s-70s, we blamed the soldiers--incorrectly mostly, but now we're afraid to call it as it is because we'd look weak.

    We should put those stupid yellow ribbons on our car with an addenda--bring them home now!  Those honestly fooled into being originally gung-ho for the Iraqi invasion should add the word  "sorry."

    This war must be the central theme of the elections now and in 2008.  No money should be given to any candidate,from any party, at any national level, that doesn't call for an immediate withdrawal.  Heroes are dying everyday we pussyfoot around--this isn't theory, it's life and death.

    Today, reading another report about Bush lies, I heard of a soldier from Toms River, NJ dying in Iraq, and I wondered if he signed up to avenge Iraq for involvement in 9/11.  How many of our youth died, or seriously changed their life, to defend us from a non-enemy?  Impeach--then put them away in foreign jails without lawyers.  They will at least know the offenses they committed--as opposed to the fake "terrorists" we were hiding and torturing.

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