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View Diary: Iraq is NOT Vietnam. Iraq is NOT Vietnam. Iraq is NOT Vietnam. Iraq is NOT Vietnam. Iraq is . . . (295 comments)

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  •  Iraq is the neocon pinata full of oily candy (1+ / 0-)
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    occams hatchet

    and if they beat it shapeless, the candy will fall out.

    Oh at first there was a nutty belief that the Arabs were yearning for a fictional white picket fence version of America, but that was over before the war even started.

    Nope, now they just want the region to fall into chaos. Destabilize it and let Osama have his Caliphate. Kick those dominoes over!

    Then Rummy will say "Oh my goodness gracious, there's just no being nice to these people. Let's depopulate the regions with oil - no need to even send troops, the drones and c-130 gunships will kill everything bigger than a chicken." At that point even NATO will roll over, and Exxon finally gets FREE OIL. Free for them anyway.

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