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    occams hatchet

    great diary, and i'm sorry if the following point has been made in the previous comments.

    bush et al. keep reminding us that we're at "war", a war we must "win." at war with whom, i'd like to know? in vietnam, at least we had a clear, if misguided, notion of who the enemy was.

    in iraq, we went in to remove the government by force - mission accomplished - and now we are an occupying force caught in the midst of a civil war.

    other than the ambiguous "insurgency," we don't even have an enemy in iraq. how will we know when we win?

    and let's not conflate the "war" in iraq with the "war" on terror... another unwinnable conflict against a phantom enemy. we may as well declare "war on murder" in the hopes of ending homicide.

    waging war on an unseen and ill-defined enemy is a losing battle. we all know how well the war on poverty and the war on drugs have gone.

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