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View Diary: LIVE-BLOG Kerry Speech: Real Homeland Security (102 comments)

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    to whet your appetite to go and check out Taylor's post:

    So, after Bill Clinton got through ripping ABC and Republicans, with a little help from his lawyers, I started thinking. What does John Kerry think about "Path to 9/11"? So I emailed my contact in Kerry’s Senate office.

    Then I’m working this morning, in the middle of a conference call actually, when my cell phone rings. It was John Kerry.

    After quick pleasantries, Kerry took off. If Iger’s office door was open at the time he could have heard Kerry all the way from Massachusetts. Talk about ticked. He let rip. Let’s just say Kerry’s fed up and he’s not going to take it anymore. After our conversation, which lasted around 15 minutes, I got a statement from him that says it all.

    and from the comments section:

    Taylor Marsh says:

    September 8th, 2006 at 3:26 pm *

    Thanks Kurt, Rayne. Hey Cujo359, and I agree. Kerry was in rare form today on the phone. It was like talking to my brother. We just went at it over “Path to 9/11″. When it came to Tora Bora, he exploded. Bush letting bin Laden get away still pisses him off in the extreme. It was great. He was so good on the phone I wish I could have taped the whole thing and blasted it across the web.

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