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View Diary: Disney/ABC Highlighting Faked Scenes In Ads For 9/11 Terror Porn (343 comments)

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  •  Make A Big Stink MUCH Bigger (4+ / 0-)

    This is not a documentary or a docudrama or ANYTHING other than a pack of Repub LIES.  Don't call it ANYTHING ELSE.

    I would hate to wreck whatever personnel life/peace the Clintons have left, BUT if I had my druthers I would wish to see President Clinton plus anybody else who cares to get on stage with him state categorically right after Bush's speech that the whole show is a SH$TBOAT of Repub lies designed to win the elections and HAVE THEY NO SHAME, HAVE THEY NO DECENCY!  WHEN WILL THEY ACTUALLY DEFEND OUR COUNTRY!

    We don't want to go quietly into this night - this is the time to ignite a FIVE YEAR anniversary 9/11 FIRESTORM and HAVE AT IT as a NATIONAL DEBATE.  Discuss the mess in Iraq, how it has created MORE terrorism, and the almost total lack of real security for our country.  Bush has to want to avoid this debate like the plague because the whole "strong on defense" is a house of cards waiting to come tumbling down.  Force the debate.  Force President Bush to disavow the TV show - this will only link them closer to another "swiftboat" Repub lie. Ride the resulting SH$TSTORM all the way to a clean sweep of BOTH the House and Senate.

    Five years after 9/11 and we are not safe!

    •  There is no such thing as safe (2+ / 0-)
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      greenearth, joyful

      If someone wants to kill you, no wall is high enough, thick enough, deep enough, long enough, strong enough.  If we had truly secure airports so one would want to fly because it would take less time just to hop in the car.  Seriously, arrive two hours early for a security check?  A short plane trip becomes a relaxing drive listening to the radio real quick with that level of security.  I'm all for having at it, but the idea of creating a safe and secure America is hogwash.  Osama and his gang are getting exactly what they want.  They are bleeding our treasury dry so long as people continue to think that it is possible to stop them.  You can make things inconvenient in the hopes that they will screw up and law enforcement will catch them over some long term plan.  You can better the lives of people at home and around the world, show a good example of freedom in hopes that if a terrorist does make it to our shores they ar emore likely to choose to join in than push the button.  Until we fight the real fight, and that has to do with how our country treats others in this world there will be no security.

      •  All Good Points (2+ / 0-)
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        jrflorida, joyful

        Lets have a national debate where all of this is discussed with all of the thought and intelligence it deserves.

        Because that hasn't happened yet.  

        Instead the Bush administration has done everything in it's power to prevent this discussion and done just about everything wrong to "make us safe".  You know it.  I know it.

        Clinton faced the exact same problems, fought the exact same "war on terror". Let's have a public national review of how effective each President has been and develop a smart, comprehensive, national policy based on what works.

        Because Afghanistan is a mess.  The Taliban are regrouping.  OBL is free in Pakistan.  Iraq is a huge mess.  Our military is exhausted.  Oil prices are up.  National economy is running on empty. The federal debt has just about doubled. National creditbility is shot.  NK now has the bomb and Iran is leaning that way too.  All in the last six years.  If this is "good", I'd hate to see "bad".

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