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View Diary: Disney/ABC Highlighting Faked Scenes In Ads For 9/11 Terror Porn (343 comments)

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  •  Email addresses for ABC/Disney execs (Cut/Paste) (0+ / 0-)

    The only way we win this propaganda war is to shine the bright light of day on this filthy underside of American mainstream media.  Here the names, titles and email addresses for a number of senior Disney decision makers, starting with the CEO and board of directors.  I have also created an address string separated by commas so all can just cut and paste into your email.  

    BUT, be sure you put only one address in the “To” box and put the rest of the string in the BBC box so that spam filters don’t block the email.  Apparently sending email as BBC will cause the emails to get sent out individually thus avoiding the spam filters.

    Robert Iger - CEO -
    Peter Murphy - Senior Adviser to Mr. Iger -
    Judy Estrin - Board of Directors -
    John Bryson - Board of Directors -
    Monica Lozano - Board of Directors -
    John Chen - Board of Directors -
    Gary Wilson - Board of Directors -
    Leo Odonova - Board of Directors -
    Thomas Staggs - CFO/Senior V.P. -
    Rich Ross - President of Disney Channel Worldwide -
    Sean Cocchia - VP/Business Development, Disney Channel Worldwide-
    Gary Marsh - Disney Channel Worldwide President of Entertainment -
    Sarah Shelton - Assistant to Gary Marshsarah -
    Scott Garner - SVP/Programming, Disney Channel -
    Karen Myer - Assistant to Scott Garner -
    Meredith Metz - Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs, Walt Disney Television Animation -
    Lisa Salamone - The Head of Animation Production, Disney Channel -
    Joanna Spak - The Head of Finance, Planning, etc., Disney Channel -
    Mark Kenchelian - The Head of Business and Legal Affairs, Disney Channel
    Jewell Engstrom - CFO and Executive VP for Disney-ABC Cable Group -
    Olivia Stafford - Assistant to Jewell Engstrom -
    Albert Cheng - EVP/Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group -
    Karen Hobson - Digital Media Communications Office, Disney-ABC Television Group -
    George Bodenheimer - Co-Chairman Media Networks Group -
    Nicole Nichols - Senior VP of Entertainment Communications, Disney-ABC Television Group -
    Aime Wolfe - Assistant to Nicole Nichols -
    Patti McTeague - VP of Kids Communications -
    Siobhan Kenny - Acting Head of International Communications -
    Paul Lee - ABC Family Channel -
    Annie Fort - ABC Family Media Relations -
    Alex Wallau - President of Network Operations & Administration -
    David Westin - ABC News President -
    Mike Shaw - ABC Sales and Marketing President -
    Fred Kuperberg - Disney/ABC Executive VP of Business and Legal Affairs -
    Kara Rousseau - VP of Ad Sales Marketing for Disney/ABC Kids Networks -
    Kim Harbin - Buena Vista Media Relations -
    Anne Gates - Disney Consumer Products Executive VP & CFO -
    James Fielding - Senior VP, Retail Sales and Marketing for DCP -
    Deborah Dugan - President of Disney Publishing -
    Chris Bess - Buena Vista Home Entertainment -

    ------------------- Email addresses bunched together: Cut/copy from below and paste the address string into BBC box on your email composition.  Only leave one address into the "To" box or your emails willprobably be blocked by spam filters.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jestrin@packetde!,,, ,,,,,

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