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View Diary: "Overkill": Protecting and Serving? Or Terrorizing and Killing? (145 comments)

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  •  This beast has been growing... (6+ / 0-) the shadows for about thirty or ninety years, depending on how you specify its birth date.  

    It goes back at least to the scurrilous "War on Drugs" that was always a war on poor people and people of color.  That "war" started either with Richard Nixon or Woodrow Wilson, and was refined and extended during Reagan and Bush I's reigns.  

    In the shorter period, we have had such racist "reality" tv programming as "Cops" and a couple of other eighties propaganda platforms which always framed the cops on the SWAT team or the drug squad as the good guys and nearly always (80%?) portrayed the "perp" as someone black or brown.  The subtext always seemed to be that the cops were right, accused were always guilty, and "It's ok, we have to protect ourselves by this overwhelming force, and anyway, they're black."  Unstated, even in the subtext, was:  "...and poor."

    EVERYBODY needs to read this.  

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