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View Diary: "Overkill": Protecting and Serving? Or Terrorizing and Killing? (145 comments)

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  •  The case of Cory Maye (3+ / 0-)
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    has haunted me since I heard it a few years ago. I told someone the story just last week, though not too effectively since I didn't recall his name or the state.
    I didn't know much of what I learned here, things like the innocent citizen bears the cost of the destruction after a raid or that the police have so little they must answer to in this "war on drugs."

    But it's gut wrenching to think of that kid, that young parent, who shot at an intruder as many gun owners might do, which is legal to do...and he sits on death row.
    Even reading all I could when I first learned of it I didn't have a clue how this young man was convicted of a capitol offense, how he is on death row. Whatever color the jury, what were they thinking? If they had guns in there home for self defense and heard intruders busting in and had their young child in the house...what would they do?

    They knew the warrant was not for him, that he had no reason to believe he'd be raided. Perhaps it was enough to believe that he was lying about not hearing anyone call out that it was the police before they shot.

    That got me to thinking that if I was a home intruder type criminal it might be good to yell out that I was the police since saying that is expected to be enough to force compliance.

    I have many other thoughts on this "war on drugs". Under bush any drug conviction means no PELL grant or other financial aid. Of course none of us would use anything evil like marijuana when we were in college, we know bush never would have...
    With the cost of college these days that takes way too many kids out of higher education system.

    The husband of a highschool friend was busted for pot and somehow it was in federal court. They had three young children and he was a teacher with no prior criminal record. 10 years in prison.

    I know someone who lost their new van, no charges filed.

    A friend's son was busted with pot. They demanded the name of drug holders/dealers they could bust. He could not offer that but did tell them something that had weighed heavily on him. Someone he knew had claimed to have been involved in a murder. They didn't care, didn't want the details. They wanted a drug bust.

    When my son was in college in a home with 4 other students they were also raided on a tip, knocked to the floor, guns held to their head. They didn't find whatever they were looking for, forget what that was, but did find pot.

    That was long ago and I still get chills at imagining my son with a gun to hid head so I empathize too much when I hear of it happening to anyone.

    There is so much sick and wrong here, not sure what we can do but something must be done.
    But especially may something change immediately in the case of Cory Maye.

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