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View Diary: "Overkill": Protecting and Serving? Or Terrorizing and Killing? (145 comments)

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    I'm not casting Democrats as being soft on crime. I just think they have been so successfully portrayed that way by their opponents, that they'll do anything to look like they're tough. Hence, they're not reliable for ending the drug war unless this becomes a hot button issue for their base.

    Perceptions can change quickly though. Democrats lost the propaganda war in '04 regarding the WoT and Security issues and they seem to be winning it this year.

    If they can cast the paramilitaries and the drug war abuses and corruption in the same light that they've cast on the Republican war mis-management and support of torture, then Democrats can effect change. They'll find a surprising number of allies on the right, just as they did with their anti-torture efforts. I'm just skeptical that they'll bother to do that.

    I hope excellent stories like this become as common on liberal blogs as they are on libertarian blogs. The netroots can change the party, and this is possibly one of the biggest and best issues they can take on.

    And there will be the added bonus of completely decimating whats left of the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party. If there's anything a Libertarian hates more than taxes, it's the drug war.

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