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View Diary: A count worth keeping ... 9/11/2006 -- Day 1825 and Osama remains wanted ... (11 comments)

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    besieged by bush

    Every elected Democrat should begin all their speeches, press conferences, and such with a statement such as:  "Today is the 1,825th day since bin Landen's band of thugs attacked ... " (updated with the correct count, of course) and then swing into the topic at hand.

    I remember during the 1980 Iranian hostage crisis that Walter Cronkite signed off the CBS Evening News with "And that's the way it is, {day, month, day, year], the [number] day that Americans have been held hostage Iran.  Good night."  Never mind Katie Couric; bring back Walter!

    Anybody want to suggest this to a reporter who has some guts?  Maybe Keith Oberman can change his close.

    It will even have an effect if only done on local stations.   Drip ... drip ... drip

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